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Fleet Detailer will assist in keeping the wash bay, shops/office clean, neat and organized and fulfill required shift tasks.

CO West Transportation is hiring at the following location: Gunnison, Colorado

STATUS: Non-Exempt (Full-Time or Part-Time)
Salary: $20.00 per hour

Works directly under the supervision of the Chief Mechanic. Performs duties and procedures in a
timely and accurate manner. Will assist in keeping the wash bay, shops/office clean, neat and
organized and fulfill required shift tasks.
Receives general supervision from the Chief Mechanic.
1. Wash the exterior of vehicles.(Buses, transit vans, SUVS, all fleet vehicles)
2. Clean and dry windows inside and outside, leaving no stains or streaks, as well as
3. Vacuum carpets and seats.
4. Place seat belts in order, for a professional appearance.
5. Fuel vehicle prior to washing applicable by location.
6. Complete daily checklist applicable by location.
7. Assist operations in moving vehicles around the lot; applicable by location.
8. Maintain fluid levels and tire pressure in detailed vehicles; applicable by location.
9. Notify management of any vehicles missing safety equipment or with operational issues.
10. Maintain inventory of detailing supplies.
11. Assist in property, building and workspace upkeep by doing the following:
a. Vacuum and mop floors in lobby, restroom, reservation area, and main office area
each shift
b. Empty trash receptacles at the end of the shift
c. Refill paper products in restrooms, as needed
d. Pick up trash and debris

12. Maintain a work area in a clean and organized fashion.
13. Work with and assist co-workers in the performance of their duties.
14. Perform all responsibilities assigned, including tasks assigned to specific shifts.
15. Look for other ways to better serve the customer and the company.
16. Serve as a public representative of the company both on and off the job.
17. Hours may include weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
18. Other duties as assigned by management.
Must be able to learn computer and telephone skills techniques. Demonstrate good
communication and people skills. Must be able to work long hours during the rush periods.
Must be a team player. Must have a willingness to learn Co West’s procedures in order to provide
excellent customer service to our passengers.
1. High School diploma, completion of G.E.D., or equivalent
2. One year of related work experience, preferred.
3. Subject to random Drug and Alcohol Testing through the FTA pool, if performing a
safety sensitive function (moving buses, etc.)
4. Highly self-motivated and directed.
1. Ability to frequently lift, push, and pull 10 pounds, and occasionally lift, push and pull
10-50 pounds.
2. Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (eye protection, gloves)
3. Must provide a pre employment Motor Vehicle Record
4. Pre Employment drug testing is required
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy
We value our employees and drivers and recognize each person’s need for a safe and healthy
work environment. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our drivers and
customers that is free from illegal drug use and the misuse of alcohol.
We will comply with the requirements for testing with the U.S. Department of Transportation
and other Federal and State laws and regulations. We therefore forbid the unlawful use or
possession of alcohol and controlled substances.
This is a non-exempt hourly position that is eligible for time and one half of the regular rate of
pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

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