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This is a role that focuses on ensuring professional, superior, friendly and efficient customer service through a relation based approach.

STATUS: Non-Exempt Position

Works directly under the supervision of the Director of Sales & Customer Service and the
Groups and weddings manager. The Liaison position is a customer and partner facing role to
establish and maintain relationships in addition to promoting the services provided by all brands
under the Co West Transportation umbrella. In addition this role will monitor our online presence
and take advantage of marketing opportunities as they arise. This is a role that focuses on
ensuring professional, superior, friendly and efficient customer service through a relation based
approach. This role will be quoting, building, and maintaining group’s and weddings.
Receives general supervision from the Director of Sales & Customer Service and Groups and
weddings manager.
1. Responsible for meeting, corresponding and building relationships with partners,
including but not limited to hotels, central reservation teams, resort management and
wholesalers and wedding planners.
2. Responsible for the management of projections to track interaction with partners and
subsequent sales for upcoming events.
3. Responsible for monitoring and management of online presence via customer reviews.
4. Assist Groups and Weddings department by welcoming arriving group transports as well
as facilitating departures from the airport or venue in person when needed.
5. Communicate new service offerings, promotions and other sales materials to partners.
6. Communicate ever changing COVID response to partners.
7. The Customer Service Liaison Lead will be responsible for communicating all business
related updates to the Groups and Weddings Manager or Director of Customer Service
and Sales.
8. Field communication in regards to customer service issues with both partners and
passengers. Communicate with the Director of Sales and Customer Service as necessary.
9. Ability to remain professional and courteous with customers and partners at all times.
10. Personable, professional, and customer service oriented.

11. Ability to multitask.
12. Makes a sincere effort to become familiar with the areas in which we operate, enabling
you to answer questions about services provided.
13. Handles any complaints in an expeditious, courteous and professional manner either by
handling the situation if appropriate or by informing supervision immediately.
14. Listens to customer needs and concerns in order to better serve the customer.
15. Displayed excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
16. Available to travel to areas in which the company serves.
17. Wear’s appropriate uniform shirt provided by the company.
18. Works with and assists co-workers in the performance of their duties.
19. Performs all responsibilities assigned, including tasks assigned to specific shifts.
20. Hours include weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
21. The Customer Service Liaison Lead will be the first point of contact in assisting the
Customer Service Liaisons
22. Assume leadership and supervisory responsibilities in the absence of the Groups and
Weddings Manager.
23. Assist the Groups and Weddings Manager in training of new Customer Service Liaisons.
24. Assist the Groups and Weddings Manager with the continued training and development
of current Customer Service Liaisons.
25. The Customer Service Liaison Lead is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive
work environment.
26. Assist the manager with the Sales phone as needed during shifts.
27. Other duties as assigned by management.
Demonstrate excellent communication and people skills, and be able to manage stress in the
event of a customer service issue. Must be able to perform tasks in a timely fashion and utilize
or have willingness to learn an array of computer tools including but not limited to Excel and
other Google Suite platforms. Must be a team player and have a willingness to provide excellent
customer service to our passengers.
1. High School diploma, completion of G.E.D., or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree is
preferred. Preferred at least one year of related work experience.
2. Strong organizational skills to effectively communicate with all levels of management
and outside agencies.
3. Must be 21 years of age or older.
4. Highly self-motivated and directed
5. Must have leadership ability and well rounded knowledge of the Groups and Weddings

1. Dresses appropriately for work environment and weather conditions.
2. Work is performed in a fast-paced environment.
3. Must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time.
4. Work will be performed 90% of the time in the terminal office.
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy
We value our employees and drivers, and recognize each person’s need for a safe and healthy
work environment. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our drivers and
customers that is free from illegal drug use and the misuse of alcohol.
We will comply with the requirements for testing with the U.S. Department of Transportation
and other Federal and State laws and regulations. We, therefore, forbid the unlawful use or
possession of alcohol and controlled substances.
This is a non-exempt hourly position that is eligible for time and one half of the regular rate of
pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

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