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The role of the Location Manager is to assist, manage and support the daily operations of the location designated.

JOB TITLE: Location Manager

STATUS: Exempt (Full-Time)



Works directly under the supervision of the Director of Operations and Dispatch.  The role of the Location Manager is to assist, manage and support the daily operations of the location designated. This includes supporting and assisting in the management of Drivers, Detailers, Mechanics, and any onsite sales/service staff. 


Receives general supervision from the Director of Operations and Dispatch.


  1. Create and maintain a positive work environment.
  2. Must lead by example.
  3. Implements company changes in a positive manner.
  4. Oversees and leads onsite employees.
  5. Oversees and assists with dispatch and scheduling operations for designated terminals.
  6. The Location Manager works directly with all company software and technology and is responsible for the training and development of self and team on any changes to new or existing company technology and software.
  7. Obtains all necessary supplies, equipment, refreshments, detailer supplies and materials, vehicle parts and other items as needed for the location via approval from the appropriate department.
  8. Helps assist with the building maintenance and communicates to the designated department as needed.
  9. Create and maintain a vendor contact list for the local facility. ie.(plumber, hvac, snow removal, electrician, water provider, sanitation services, etc.)
  10. Communicates/updates regarding community events to the proper department to assist with operations, sales, recruitment and marketing opportunities.
  11. Be active in building relationships within the community to help strengthen the location’s presence within the location’s community.
  12. Assists Human Resources in local recruiting, hiring, training, performance appraisals and terminations.
  13. Conducts progressive and positive coaching as needed.
  14. Conducts Accident Investigations as needed and reports back to the Director of Operations and Dispatch as well as Human Resources.
  15. Handles performance accountability concerns with the location team.
  16. Manages the compliance records for all location Driver qualification files while utilizing the Avatar A-Suite Program.
  17. Obtains and processes designated mail correspondences.
  18. Processes deposits as needed and or requested by the accounting department.
  19. Frequently audits and updates the location fleet to comply with regulatory requirements.
  20. Prepares documentation and assists in scheduling pre employment drug screening.
  21. Plans and executes random testing notifications when required by DOT/FMCSA regulations.
  22. Identifies issues with scheduling and communicates opportunities to the Director of Operations and Dispatch.
  23. Maintains constant and professional communication between Drivers and all location staff.
  24. Maintains after hours communications to designated management as needed.
  25. Assists with conflict resolution of location employees, clients and passengers on demand and as requested by the Director of Customer Service and Sales, Director or Operations and Dispatch and Human Resources.
  26. Conducts project management and coordinates duties as required, including special events and directing drivers.
  27. Executes personnel activities as per company policies and applicable laws.
  28. Prepares and coaches individual and departmental training plans by job by utilizing SamSara and Coaching and Performance Program Forms.
  29. Monitors employees and operational processes at designated locations and assigned airport space.
  30. Handles any complaints in an expeditious, courteous, and professional manner by handling the situation or involving designated Directors or Departments to assist. 
  31. Reviews and analyzes sales performances against programs, quotes and plans to determine effectiveness. Suggests improvements and opportunities to better business performance and processes.
  32. Abides by company dress code and enforces company dress code policy with all location team members.
  33. Hours include weekdays, weekends, holidays and for all needs of the location operation as needed.
  34. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Operations and Dispatch.


Proven experience as a dispatcher or has relevant experience. Must be able to adapt to pressure and stress. Knowledgeable of relevant methods, procedures, and guidelines for emergency situations. Demonstrate good communication and people skills.  Must be able to work long hours during the rush periods. Must uphold location programs and procedures in order to provide excellent customer service to our passengers.


  1. High School diploma, completion of G.E.D., or equivalent. Preferred at least one year of related work experience.  
  2. Work requires advanced computer literacy skills and keyboard proficiency to operate in multiple windows and manipulate files. 
  3. Strong organizational skills to effectively communicate with all levels of management and outside agencies.  
  4. Highly self-motivated and a self-starter
  5. Must be coachable with the ability to take direction and the ability to delegate.


  1. Work is performed in an office environment
  2. Sitting (working at a desk), using a computer – up to 80%
  3. Standing – up to 20%
  4. Walking – up to 20%
  5. Occasional overnight travel 

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy

We value our employees and drivers and recognize each person’s need for a safe and healthy work 

environment.  We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our drivers and customers that 

is free from illegal drug use and the misuse of alcohol.

We will comply with the requirements for testing of the U.S. Department of Transportation and other Federal and State laws and regulations. We, therefore, forbid the unlawful use or possession of alcohol and controlled substances.

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