San Miguel Mountain Ventures, LLC DBA Telluride Express and/or Montrose Express filed changes in Passenger Tariff, Colorado PUC No. 6, that results in increases in fares for the transportation of passengers for the following:


San Miguel Mountain Ventures, LLC

Telluride Express Shuttle Fares

Proposed Rates – Adult One Way


Rate Between


Telluride/MV and MTJ (Montrose)

65 (I)


The increased fares are proposed to become effective December 31, 2021 unless the Colorado Public Utilities Commission suspends the effective date of the proposed changes. Objections to the proposed tariff changes must be made in writing and filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, 1560 Broadway, Suite 110, Denver, CO 80202, at least 10 days before the effective date of December 26, 2021. If the Commission sets the matter for hearing, the filing of a written objection will not by itself allow a person to participate in the hearing. To participate in the hearing, a party must also file a written intervention and receive leave of the Commission to intervene. Requests to intervene as a party must comply with Commission rules.